Thursday, 25 August 2016

A few days in the Comarge (Southern France) August

In August much of the Comarge has dried out, the biting insects are a real menace so you need a good insect repellant.
Compared to Spain the price of just about every thing in very high,
Yet the comarge is well worth a visit. Santes Marie Del a Mer is a superd resort town with a good variety of restaurants and busy pedestrian only streets lined with all kinds of shops etc. there is also a market. The beaches and the sea offer a break from the heat and there is lots of handy parking.
Salin du Giraud is a much quieter town but it opens the way to some great birding.

 One of the many dragonflies

The  European Roller was abundant I saw at least 50.

Greater Flamingo

 Eurasian Hoopoe

Marsh Harrier

Night Heron

Sqacco Heron

White Stork

 The end of a few superb days.
I spent the last day in the Comarge with Elisa my daughter, Dil my son in law and Sam my grandson that was even better than the birding.

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