Looks to cute to be wild

Ray with a nice Ebro Rudd

Jeff with a good roach

They both kicked my butt that day but there is always another day.

Unimaginable Power

 Bear country

Didn't see bears this time it may have been a folly

Finally had my beard trimed

 I have moved on to the best place in Spain and probable the world to see European Wild Cat. I have received information about a road where it is said they are east to see. If you would like details email keithmurdock_2@msn.com These animals must not be disturbed.
Within 3 Kilometers I have seen two Wild Cat.

 On the Journey from Xerta to Somiedo

Still warm at Xerta and the flies are very problematic.

 Many thanks to Ray & Val for a super Curry Night.

I like to party

Not normally a poser, our Host Ray

Our Hosts

Iberian Jay

 European Kingfisher
Possibly smooth Snake

Zitting Cisticola

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